Saturday, April 16, 2011

love is hard ...

4 diz post will be more about love stuff...hehehe

i hate myself 4 being in love wth smone..when its come to all of diz matter..its really suck dude..But atleast there are happy parts in da love i ever had b4..hehe..when we love smbdy..then he lies to us...diz really smthing that can't be forgiven rght...but nabi pn maapkan umatnya sape la kte nih kn...
one more things..i want to hate diz guy badly but..its very lau benci pn bkn dpt da best idea kn2..ha i want to give diz advice 4 all people out there..when we wnt to end our relationship with da guy!! use da kind and nice way ok...dats what i do with him... eventhough u was hurt badly..just end wth this kind of method..after dat u will be in peace. chiller....da truth forgive is more easier than to forget..i am still missing this guy..haish...haila btoi..asl nk lpe jek menda yg mngingatkan...npe yer...plez helps me to 4get diz guy!!! mum!! thanks to listening to my stoly about diz kids love matter..hahaha...4 da first tmes ak cter kt mama..waa.then she really i am extremely appreciate my family than others...keep moving on AIN!!.u can do it...yeayhhh...dats all 4 today..tq..hehehe


  1. u can do it my dear..keep moving..let bygone be bygone

  2. cinta manusia sementara cuma...utk tidak kecewa, yakin dgn janji ALLAH, wanita yg baik utk laki yg BAIK. :)